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About us We offer good-quality solutions based on long-term experiencies

Who we are

Our company provides financial services which lead to the connection of supply and demand in the corporate acquisition area, in the corporate financial management area and also in the company management and organisation area. our main vision is to advise clients and find the best path to success

What we do

Aktívne hľadáme investorov hľadajúcich investičné príležitosti pre ďalší rozvoj podnikania i taktiež pomáhame nájsť investorov pre majiteľov fungujúcich firiem, ktorí sa rozhodli z rôznych dôvodov svoje firmy predať.

For this reason we aim to make use of our business potential, and also external agent network throughout Slovakia

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Why choose us

In the case of all m&a transactions we aim to make use of own potential, and also our external agent network throughout all parts of slovakia. working with our reputable partner we will help you with the process of complete m&a administration too. during the whole process we will ensure maximum anonymity, you will dictate the range, structure and timing of information publication.

We will help you through the whole m&a process.

From audit, due diligence to legal coverage of the transaction.

Do you need to change your management processes ?

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